Mar 9 • 1HR 5M

2023 Oscar Predictions: No Country for Old Wells

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Since Jim and Teal won't be taping a post-Oscar's episode they wanted to weigh in on the big night and talk about 2023 Oscar Predictions before the show. Will Everything Everywhere All at Once be the big winner of the night, or could there be some surprises in store this year? Signs point to an unpredictable night in several categories.

Speaking of Oscar predictions, and the discussion around them, Jim takes issue with two opposite approaches to the Oscar conversation. First, is what Jim feels is a dishonest take from film critic Peter Travers. Next, Jim zeroes in on film-coverage bad-boy, Jeff Wells. Once, a must read for Jim, Wells' longtime column on his site, Hollywood Elsewhere, has taken a bizarre turn to anti-wokes'ville, and Jim takes particular issue with Wells' relentless takedown of Everything Everywhere All at Once. Can Teal find some common ground with the internet film raconteur?

Oh, and there is still enough time in the episode for Jim and Teal to tell you how much they hated Knock at the Cabin.